Post Op

Post Op is a lyrical tribute -- a gateway into human intimacy, tenderness, and vulnerability. A coming together and a sharing of similarly impactful experiences, of memories and reflections distilling down to what is essential. A celebration of healing. 


Le Jardinier de la Gafferie takes a gentle look at a typical day in the life of an atypical gardener and asks the question: If one's passion is one's garden, what happens when the garden is no longer enough to whet one's passion? 

Le Jardinier de la Gafferie


Of Memory

Of Memory is an expression of the dancer's desire to feel the necessity of the body to return to its original form: dust, earth and water. Moving in literal contact with these elements awakens both ancient and ephemeral qualities of existence. 


Flesh Sites

Flesh Sites focuses on the nude male body responding to such sites as a prehistoric cave dating back 30,000 years with bas-reliefs, a 10th century pigeonnier, an 11th century abbey ruin, and a 12th century chateau ruin. 


Chair, Terre et Pierre (Flesh, Earth and Stone)

Endless and timeless forever unfold

The mysteries that living flesh can hold... Paul Oertel


Echoes, esprits et traces dans L'Ancien Hospice d'Hautfort.

Echoes, esprits et traces dans L’Ancien Hospice de Hautefort is a docudance, cinematic voyage through a museum of medicine housed in a 17th century hospital.