Nancy Spanier


Paul Oertel

Nancy Spanier is an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary artist whose work is “choreographed” in the broadest sense of the word. She coined the phrase Performance Inventions to encompass the scope of her work. She is a movement designer, director, videographer, textual architect, and master teacher.

She searches in performance to make work that is meaningful to our time, our concerns, our myths, our history with her deepest purpose being communication. Using as the means the body, voice, light, film, sound and decor, she crosses boundaries back and forth, pioneering new forms, while striving to elucidate our joys, struggles, aspirations, and accomplishments.

Seeking to promote greater clarity, insight, and understanding among people, she explores solutions and alternatives. 


Paul Oertel is a multidisciplinary performing artist with over four decades of international performing and teaching experience.

Finding form for creativity is Paul Oertel’s lifework.

Whether the vehicle for that creative expression is dance, voice, song, music, writing, or visual arts, he seeks to embody the art of his Discipline of Freedom in his own performance and facilitate others in the realization of their own artistry.

He is a catalyst for transformation, an inventive educator and a subtle and provocative performer. 

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